A fellow entrepreneur asked me the other day about the standing desk trend that is gaining momentum and what he should consider while weighing the options of a sit/stand workspace. As I sit at my desk (yes, that’s right sit) and cross my legs, then fold my legs, sit up straight and then slouch, I see the value in having a workstation that can adjust to a sitting and standing position.    

How does your body influence your selection? 

Take the time to know your body.  Ergonomic factors influence your comfort and performance (i.e., support, reach, breathing, and vision).  Individual Anthropometric measurements (height, weight, human proportions) determine the right seating, keyboard, and screen heights for your sit/stand desk arrangement.  A great tool can be found on Comfortable Computing Initiative to determine your proper fit prior for buying the next new product based on maximizing your performance.

What product should I consider?

Make an investment in your performance and your health.  An adjustable desk that provides the option to sit or stand may be the best solution to choosing one above the other.  Anthro, Ergotron, and Humanscale provide a variety of sit/stand desk options in a variety of sizes and configurations.  If you have a traditional desk, then opt in for an adjustable monitor arm, keyboard support, and task chair to assist in your support and reach.  Should you opt for a standing desk configuration, be sure to check your ergonomic heights and buy an adjustable bar height chair that provides comfort to allow you to sit if your legs experience fatigue.

Don’t forget about the lighting and air quality in your space.  Task lighting is essential in viewing hard copy documents, reducing computer glare, and is linked with boosting moods and production.  A quiet/efficient air purifier and/or clean air plants contribute to reducing the pollutants, dust, and contaminants in your work environment.

What are the benefits of standing?

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